Southern Journeys Mother's Day Tribute: Lisa Nicole Bell

Southern Journeys recently launched its website because we saw the opportunity to connect with a wider audience and grow our business. Selling our products online allows our story and our craft to enjoy greater reach and creates more possibilities in our mission to create jobs for economically depressed regions of the rural South.

We are honored to introduce Lisa Nicole Bell as one of Southern Journeys' Entrepreneurial Allies helping us transition to online entrepreneurship. Whether as a media personality, entrepreneur, filmmaker, or speaker, Lisa inspires not only Southern Journeys, but people around the world. To quote her official biography at

Lisa Nicole Bell is an award winning media personality, entrepreneur, producer, and author. Lisa is a passionate storyteller and content creator who moves effortlessly on all sides of the camera as a writer, producer, and on camera talent. Working at the intersection of media, technology, and social change, Lisa is the founder and CEO of Inspired Life Media Group, a collection of media properties and brands that leverage technology, digital media, and traditional programming to create unique branded experiences. As a serial entrepreneur, author, and international speaker, Lisa is a noted advocate and expert of entrepreneurship and women’s issues.

 Lisa Nicole Bell,

Lisa Nicole Bell,

My mother gave me roots and wings. She encouraged me to go after my dreams, and she has made sacrifices in order for me to grow into the woman I am today.
— Lisa Nicole Bell

We are delighted to share the following interview with Lisa as a tribute to her mother:

Which values have been key to your success in life and business and how does your mother embody or instill these values in you?

My mother is a direct person who speaks her mind and is amazingly confident. I believe this quality has been essential to my evolution as a woman, and it has certainly helped me succeed as a businessperson. She operates from a place of authenticity that I admire and I believe it’s the reason so many people love her. They know she’s genuine, and I try to embody that in my life.

 Lisa and her mother

Lisa and her mother

What role did your mother play in your journey as an entrepreneur?

My mother gave me roots and wings. She encouraged me to go after my dreams, and she has made sacrifices in order for me to grow into the woman I am today.

What is the most important lesson she has taught you that you would like to share?

The most important lesson my mother has taught me is the value of honoring self. She is really great at setting boundaries and being mindful of what she needs to do to take care of herself. That is a lesson I’m still working to adopt into my own life because I can easily get so caught up in serving people that I neglect the core things I need to be okay. I’m grateful for her example of self-care and self-preservation.


Thank you for sharing, Lisa! Next time you're back home in Huntsville, be ready for a visit from your Southern Journeys Alabama family.

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