Southern Journeys Mother's Day Tribute: Dupe Ajayi

Southern Journeys, along with fellow creative black women entrepreneurs who support our mission, will be paying tribute to our mothers all May in gratitude for the impact they have made in our lives. Do you enjoy these stories? Join our community on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and help us spread the word!

My mom would always say, “Dupe, everything you touch turns to gold!” I remember her saying that to me even when I didn’t know what that meant.
— Dupe Ajayi

Giving back to the community is what Southern Journeys is all about. We are proud to welcome Dupe Ajayi, marketing and social media extraordinaire with a talent for and commitment to strengthening and furthering social good. On her blog, The Ajayi Effect, she describes herself as, "A fearless, charismatic individual obsessed with changing the world via entertainment and social media. I never said I was an expert, but I come pretty close!" Well, she's certainly an expert in our book. Here's our interview:

 Dupe Ajayi, changemaker

Dupe Ajayi, changemaker

Which values have been key to your success in life and business and how does your mother embody or instill these values in you?

Mentorship has been key. My mother passed away in 2005 but the lessons she taught me still ring true. She was known for being a role model to young women in our neighborhood who saw her as a second mother. It's because of this, that the value of 'pay it forward' has stuck with me. I've found that no matter where I am in my career - a high or low point - when I give of my time and advice, it comes back twenty-fold.

How has your mother supported your journey as an entrepreneur? 

My mom would always say, "Dupe, everything you touch turns to gold!" I remember her saying that to me even when I didn't know what that meant. Little did I know, she was planting seeds of confidence and courage within me from the start. It's because of this that to this day, I believe there's no obstacle too big for me to conquer.

What is the most important lesson she has taught you? 

The most important lesson that my mom taught me was that it doesn't matter what I'm wearing, how much money I have in the bank or what my title is - I should always walk with my head held high as a, "woman is so much more than those things."

Thank you for sharing this touching tribute, Dupe. With such words of wisdom, we see where you got the Midas Touch from. She raised a thoughtful, inspiring woman.

How has your mother instilled confidence in you? Share in the comments below.

- SJ

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