Delta Blues Remix Small Zip Clutch

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Delta Blues Remix Small Zip Clutch

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Denim is an icon of working class America. We created the Delta Blues Collection from upcycled denim to symbolize the power of hard work and the potential for all communities to advance through ingenuity and cooperation. The blues and jazz “remix” metaphor symbolizes our creativity as a people and the our unrelenting creative improvisation and innovation.

Crafted entirely from upcycled denim, the Delta Blues Remix collection consists of unique accessories for your home and wardrobe.

This Delta Blues Remix Small Zip Clutch gives a touch of down-to-earth sophistication while keeping you organized and trendy. Perfect as a makeup or accessories bag. 

The Delta Blues Remix Zip Clutches come in three sizes:

Small (6.25x3) - $14
Medium (7x4) - $16
Large (10.5x6) - $18

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