Wheel of Freedom Remix Medium Zip Clutch


Wheel of Freedom Remix Medium Zip Clutch


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The history of quilting is a constant dance between repetition and innovation. Each time a pattern was passed on to a new artisan, its new keeper would bring to it his or her own creativity. With each new iteration, patterns acquire new meaning and greater depth. Our Heritage Collections crafted from upcycled shirts, ties and pants are a continuation of these traditions.

The Wheel of Freedom Remix is a part of Southern Journeys' Heritage Collections. During the days of the Underground Railroad our ancestors used the Wheel of Freedom as a secret symbol – a message to our enslaved ancestors to start packing for the Journey North. We see our remix as a tribute to all those who took that journey and to those they left behind. No two bags are exactly alike.

The Wheel of Freedom Remix Medium Zip Clutch (7x4) is a gorgeously made bag that evokes history with a 21st century style. Sturdy, yet soft to touch, the Wheel of Freedom Medium Zip Clutch helps you carry your belongings with casual elegance. Perfect for makeup and small accessories.

The Wheel of Freedom Remix Zip Clutches come in three sizes:

Small (6.25x3) - $18
Medium (7x4) - $20
Large (10.5x6) - $22

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